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Rhyn's Redemption (Rhyn Trilogy, #3) - Lizzy Ford Originally published on my blog:http://vanillamoonblog.com/2013/03/15/review-rhyns-redemption/I don’t think I’ve ever read before an entire trilogy in a 2 weeks’ time. I only delayed writing the review of this last book because I was very caught up in working on my very first novel. But that’s another story, and you’re here to read my thoughts on “Rhyn’s Redemption” by YA Paranormal Romance writer Lizzy Ford.This final book in the Rhyn Trilogy series answers to all the questions we’ve ever had from the first two novels. It is full of surprises and also the key to solving the puzzle formed by the prequels. If I had to sum up this book in one sentece, I’d say it is a clever and exciting chess game between Death itself and Darkyn, who are caught between a win or lose all situation. Who is the one who gives the Checkmate? You can only find out by reading it. So many incredible things happening in this book, I barely manage not to spoil it for you, dear review reader!Let me just say this: Toby, I knew your role was much more important than we were led to believe. I love my instincts! And I can’t stress enough how much I adored Deidre and Gabriel in this last book. Rhyn and Katie were awesome as always, I could actually feel how worried they were for each other.Oh, Lizzy Ford, how you manage to capture your readers’ attention! With lots of unexpected turns of events, how could I get bored? Cheating death, finding the loopholes in rules older than time, accepting your destiny, but at the same time trying to change it, the book doesn’t lack at all in action. I find it annoying when this kind of books focus too much on the couples and their chemistry, but Rhyn’s Trilogy has just the right amount of Romance. It’s not what I’d call girlish either. Finding the balance and adding the right amounts of everything in a YA book may be tricky, but Lizzy Ford managed to find the perfect recipe with the Rhyn series!This, of course, goes straight to my “favourites” shelf, mainly because of the passion with wich I savoured everything that happened. From the annoying characters that I loved to hate, to the amazing protagonists, the characters all seem very realistic, despite this being a Fantasy book. It’s really the exact thing I am looking for in a YA Paranormal Romance, and I was happy to find it at the time when I thought this genre was no longer fit for my reading tastes. I recommend it with all my heart to lovers of this genre.