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Billy Fog Volume 1: The Gift of Trouble Sight - Guillaume Bianco Originally published in both ENG and RO on my blog:http://vanillamoonblog.com/2013/02/10/review-billy-fog-1/My Rating: 1/5ReviewI was intrigued when I read the description of this book and I didn’t hesitate a second and requested it on NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. I like Lemony Snicket’s books and since this book was compared to it, I didn’t think even for a minute that I wouldn’t like this one too.Now I’m not very sure what the aimed age group this graphic novel is intended for, but I, for one, can’t imagine a child enjoying this. It’s very creepy, the sort of book that would give nightmares to those of young age. Then again, for young adults this may be boring, as it was for me.I actually liked the first few stories in it, but only to be bored out of my mind reading the next ones, to the point where I was scrolling down the digital pages, reading everything with less interest than someone has when looking at the ingredients written on a product’s packaging.Billy was cruel with his sister and downright annoying the whole time. The secondary characters didn’t impress me at all, with the exception of a little pity I felt for Billy’s sister and his cat – for having to deal with that boy, of course.Some of the poem/stories had very interesting rhymes and a certain mystery in them, and the drawings were pretty good, but all these were shadowed by the poor story.There were also some pages with information about the creatures in the book and what to do about them, but everything written in there was too silly for me to actually enjoy it.This book was certainly not for me, as I see a lot of people actually loved it. So don’t take my word. If you’re a fan of creepy stories and monsters, you might enjoy “Billy Fog”.