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Katie's Hellion - Lizzy Ford Originally posted on my blog, in both ENG and ROhttp://vanillamoonblog.com/2013/02/23/review-katies-hellion-rhyn-trilogy-1-lizzy-ford/When I started this book I was already in love with Lizzy Ford’s Witchling Trilogy and I would have never imagined there was a possibility Rhyn might take its place as my favourite LF book series. I read the book in two days, something I rarely manage to do, since I am in the final year of highschool and have a lot of studying to do.I have been reading a lot of Paranormal Romance lately, from vampire to witches novels, and it is very refreshing when I discover books with supernatural creatures so unique as the Rhyn Trilogy has. We have demons, angels and Immortals – blood eating beings similar to angels, protectors of the human race.My favourite aspect about this book is how real the characters seem to be. They are easy to love, and make you really care about what happens to them, especially Katie and Rhyn. I especially liked how their relationship develops throughout the book, from hate to acceptance, and finally love.Katie is a very strong character. It’s incredible how she manages to keep her sanity when the world as she knew it is crushing down. It’s really hard for me not to give you spoilers on what happens to her, but I think you will love her character as much as I did. Rhyn, on the other hand, was not to my liking at first. But after reading about his background, it all made sense and I actually found myself cheering up for him. It’s one of those characters that you sometimes want to punch at some point, but you can’t help loving him at the same time.I am already used to Lizzy Ford’s writing style and I must say I love it. You can tell she has writing in her blood, as her books keep you glued to them. Full of incredible action, amazing characters and unique stories – what’s not to like? A must-read for any Paranormal Romance fan.