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Katie's Hope  - Lizzy Ford Originally published on my blog, in both ENG and RO:http://vanillamoonblog.com/2013/03/04/review-katies-hope-rhyn-trilogy-2-lizzy-ford/“Katie’s Hellion” was, as first books in series usually are, more of an introduction into this fantasy world, though one very full of action. “Katie’s Hope” picks up the adventures of Katie and Rhyn right from where the first novel ended. The roles are reversed this time. Katie is the one who tries to push Rhyn away, afraid she is not fit to survive in his dangerous world, while Rhyn is determined to prove to her that he is more than capable of protecting and loving her, though he has moments when he doubts it himself.The black sheeps of their families, the two make a perfect match. However, it takes time until they can accept it and fully surrender to their feelings.“I watch them watch you,” he said. “You draw them out on your runs, and I kill them. We’re a good team.”“Until the day you’re not there.” Her words escaped before she thought to filter them.The irony is that exactly black sheep Rhyn, the so-called traitor, is the only one capable of keeping his brothers together in the Council. He is clearly more honourable and good-hearted than Kris, who is everything but not selfless. And Katie at least can take care of herself and think for herself, things I can’t really say about Hannah, the sister who cares only about climbing the social ladder while looking pretty in latest fashion brand clothes. But family means something to them despite the fact that they are better than their siblings, another thing that makes Rhyn and Katie superior.As for the other supernatural characters, I kind of grew a little fond of one of the Immortal brothers, Kiki, and I’m clearly starting to really like Gabriel, Death’s Assasin, who has a more important role in the story as I have initially thought. I’m not very sure what to say about baby-angel Toby, who only managed to complicate things so far, but I’m sensing there’s more to him then we tend to believe.The novel is full of twist and turns, betrayals and unexpected alliances are formed, all of them making the book a fast-paced adventure where you often find yourself holding your breath while turning page after page. The unique story is told in a very fitting way, and one of its merits is its unpredictability. I could tell one or two things that were coming up, but never did I trully know where the plot was heading. Full of surprises – that’s how I love my books.The ending definitely surprised me and made me jump right to the next novel in the series, a thing I can state about any of Lizzy Ford’s novels, who are cleverly ended in cliffhangers. I highly recommend this series to paranormal romance readers, with the mention that it is aimed at more mature readers (let’s say 16+).