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Erin the Fire Goddess: The Beginning - Lavinia Urban I hate leaving bad reviews... I really do, especially when it's such a sweet story. But I've always been totally honest in my reviews, and I'm not going to stop now.Erin is a very special girl. She was born with a birthmark, and because of it, everybody treats her like she's a freak. Even she believes that about herself. The only ones who love her for who she is are her parents and her sister and... this boy at school, Sean, who seems to be interested. Later in the book, Erin finds out why she has the birthmark and makes real friends for the first time... She even gets the boy, which is (apart from predictable) very nice.But... there is a BUT. As sweet as the story is, it's 90% tell and 10% show. The phrases the author uses are very short, and the words are very basic and simple, as if the targeted readers are 12 year-olds. I was also very bothered by the TONS of punctuation errors and grammatical mistakes. The most annoying mistake was that where should have been written "used" - past tense, the author wrote "use" - the present form. Then we have the missing commas, missing apostrophes, unnecessary commas, full-stops instead of commas, dialogues where it's unclear who is talking... and a huge amount of missing letters from words. The book is in need of serious editing.Apart from being full of grammatical and punctuation errors, I felt as if the important parts were rushed, while insignificant events, such as taking breakfast or brushing one's teeth were repeatedly mentioned over and over again - in details. Another thing that I disliked was how important dialogues were just summarised by Erin. For instance, when Erin tells her sister about her powers, we get three sentences with a vague mention of how she reacted to the news.To sum up, the book has a story of great potential, but fails to deliver. Not recommended.