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My Little Pony: Pony Tales Volume 1 (My Little Pony - Brenda Hickley, Ryan Lindsay, Tony Fleecs, Andy Price, Thom Zahler, Bobby Curnow, Ben Bates, Amy Mebberson, Ted Anderson, Katie Cook, Barbara Kesel What do you mean I can't read MLP comics at my age? Okay, okay, I'll be careful not to be caught.^ this is me reading it on my tablet (thank you Netgalley!)Okay. So this volume is actually a compilation of six issues, each featuring one of the main ponies.The first story is about Twilight Sparkle who has a special mission from Princess Celestia. She has to help a librarian for a few days... and I think all of us bookworms can relate to her enthusiasm, right? Right?Then we have Rainbow Dash, 20% cooler, 20% faster, who faces a problem she's never had before: she can't defeat a cloud that uses negative feelings to become stronger.Rarity is preparing for a big fashion-event, exhausted and worrying herself for every single detail. So her pony-friends send her to relax at a spa. When she arrives there, she is surprised to find out she has to wake up early each day and work.Fluttershy's story is by far the cutest. She enters an art competition with one of her extreme knitting creations from her secret room. But you know how Fluttershy is - shy to the moon and back. So she's not confident at all in her skills.Pinkie Pie was my favourite one - because she's my favourite character, maybe? Because she drank 314 bottles of the Pony World's equivalent of Coca Cola, she finally won two tickets to see her favourite clown's last performance ever. But Pinkie Pie doesn't see any sense in a world where Ponyacci doesn't "exist anymore" (that's how she calls it), so she finds a way for him to still contribute to the community as a clown.We have Applejack's story at the end of this volume. A sweet story about the importance of your family, and understanding you don't have to be on your own or prove anything because they'll always be there for you. It was a little bit boring with some repetitve booby traps placed by Applejack in order to capture the creature that is suposedly destroying a family holiday.Overall, this book not only teaches young children the value of friendship, but is also a fun read for bronies. ;)